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The Oxford Public Schools supports the vision of the Student Services Department, which is to minimize the impact of disability and maximize opportunities and achievement for all of our students.

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The Oxford Public School's Special Education Advisory Council is in the process of developing a new webpage for members and other stakeholders.  The webpage can be viewed by clicking here. 


Massachusetts Special Education Law 603 CMR 28.03 requires each Public School District to conduct screenings for children aged three to four years old. “Such screening shall be designed to review a child’s development and to assist in identification of those children who should be referred for an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services.”

If you have concerns regarding your child’s development and would like set up an appointment to have your child screened, or if you would like additional information regarding the preschool screening process, please contact Heather Harriman, Special Education Team Chair; 508-987-6057 or 508-987-6066. Screenings are scheduled on Friday mornings throughout the school year. Please note that participation in these screenings is optional, and appointments should take approximately 20-30 minutes.

In keeping with the mission of Oxford Public Schools and in alignment with the Massachusetts General Laws, this notice is provided as part of the outreach and ongoing liaison with resources within the Oxford community. This is to advise you of the availability of the referral process for Special Education evaluations for those children, ages three through twenty-two, who may be suspected to have a disability and may be determined eligible for specialized instruction and/or related services.
Special education regulations require that principals or other educational administrators make specific efforts to meet student’s needs in the general education setting. Those efforts include promotion of instructional practices and provision of adequate instructional support for students and teachers (MGL, c. 71B, section 2). If any student has been unsuccessful in making progress within the general curriculum despite documented instructional support and effort, and is suspected of having a disability, any parent, caregiver or professional may refer the student for a special education evaluation.
To request a referral for evaluation, please submit a letter in writing to:
Mrs. Patricia (Trish) Susen
Director of Student Services
Oxford Public Schools
4 Maple Road
Oxford, MA 01540
Please provide the student’s name, date of birth, current grade and school, parent’s names, address and telephone numbers. You should include information about the child’s needs, current performance/functional level and his/her response to instructional/clinical interventions. Oxford Public Schools’ Special Services Department will review the referral information and contact the parent(s) directly. Written notice of the referral along with the evaluation consent form, if warranted, will be forwarded to the parent. Upon receipt of consent, we will contact you and your staff to assist us gathering information for the student’s evaluation.
Please contact the Special Service Department at 508-987-6099 if you need further information regarding the referral process.
Student Services Files
 Entry-Exit Criteria for School-Based Therapies.pdf
Understanding the role of school-based therapy services, including speech-language, occupational and physical therapies.
Special Education Parent Advisory Council
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School Committee Presentation June 13, 2011
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