Project C.O.F.F.E.E.

Program Approval
Public Special Education Program:  PDF

Program Calendar
2014-15 School Year Calendar: 
2015-16 School Year Calendar:  WORD / PDF

Program Manuals and Handbooks
2014-2015 Policy and Procedures Manual:   WORD / PDF
2014-2015 Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual:   WORD / PDF
2014-2015 Health Care Manual:   WORD / PDF
2014-2015 Student Handbook:   WORD / PDF

Admissions Packet:  WORD / PDF
Admissions Application:   WORD / PDF
Registration Pamphlet:  WORD / PDF
New Student Documentation Checklist:  WORD PDF

Incident Reporting Forms
DCF Reporting Form:   PDF
DESE, PQA Form 2:   PDF
Disabled Persons Protection Commission Form 19C:   PDF
Physical Restraint Reporting Form:   PDF

Bullying Incident Reporting:  PDF

Medical Forms
Consent to Administer Medication: PDF
Prescriber's Medication Order:   WORD / PDF

First Aid & Emergency Medical Care Consent:   WORD / PDF

Annual Statement of Acknowledgement:  WORD / PDF
Anti-Hazing Report:   WORD / PDF


Other Forms
Classroom Observation Request Form 
Physical Restraint Permission Form:   PDF
Out-of-School Suspension Record:   PDF
Log of Access Form:   PDF