Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Media’s - Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum

High School

I. Overview and Scope & Sequence
     1. Curriculum Overview 
     2. Grades 9-12 Scope and Sequence 

II. Safety and Security
     1. Safety
          a. Risky Online Realtionships - Teacher Backgrounder
          b. Risky Online Relationships - Lesson Plan
          c. Risky Online Relationships - Handout
          d. Risky Online Relationships - Teacher Handout
     2. Security
          a. Does It Matter Who Has Your Data - Lesson Plan
          b. Does It Matter Who Has Your Data - Same Search - Handout
          c. Does It Matter Who Has Your Data - Same Search - Teacher Handout
          d. Does It Matter Who Has Your Data - Student Intro Video
          e. Scams and Schemes - Lesson Plan
          f. Scams and Schemes - Spotting Scams - Handout
          g. Scams and Schemes - Spotting Scams - Teacher Handout

III. Digital Citizenship
     - Digital Life Unit Overview
     - Digital Life Student Intro Video
     1. Digital Life 102
          a. Digital Life 102 - Lesson Plan
          b. Digital Life 102 - Media Log - Handout
          c. Digital Life 102 - Quiz - Handout
      2. My Online Code 
          a. My Online Code - Lesson Plan
          b. My Online Code - Judging Jeff's Profile
          c. My Online Code - Teacher Handout       
      3. Privacy and Digital Footprint
      - Privacy Unit Overview
           a. Private Today - Lesson Plan
           b. Private Today - Student Handout
           c. College Bound - Lesson Plan
           d. College Bound - Student Handout
           e. College Bound - Teacher Handout
      4. Connected Culture
      - Connected Culture Overview
      - Ricardo's Story - Video
      - Stacey's Story - Video
      - Allie's Story - Video
      - Friday Night Lights - Video
           a. Turn Down the Dial - Lesson Plan
           b. Turn Down the Dial - Student Handout
           c. Turn Down the Dial - Teacher Handout
           d. Building Community Online - Lesson Plan
           e. Building Community Online - Student Handout
           f.  Building Community Online - Blank Handout
           g. Building Community Online - Sample
           h. Overexposed - Lesson Plan
           i.  Overexposed - Student Handout
           j. Overexposed - Student Handout
           k. Taking Perspective on Cyberbullying - Lesson Plan
           l.  Taking Perspectives - Student Handout
           m. Taking Perspectives - Teacher Handout 
           n. Breaking Down Hate Speech - Lesson Plan 
      5. Self Expression
      - Self Expression Unit Overview
      - Ramon's Story
           a. Who are you online - Lesson Plan
      6. Respecting Creative Work
      - Respecting Work Unit Overview
      - Respecting Creative Work - Video
           a. Copyrights and Wrongs - Lesson Plan
           b. Copyrights and Wrongs - Student Handout
           c. Copyrights and Wrongs - Teacher Handout
           d. Rights, Remixes and Respect - Lesson Plan
           e. Rights, Remixes and Respect - Student Handout

IV. Parent Materials
      1. Parent Tip Sheets
           a. Cyberbullying
           b. Online Relationships
           c. Plagarism
           d. Privacy
e         e. Security
           f. Self Expression
           g. Strategic Searching
       2. Parent Videos
       - Digital Citizenship Parent Letter
       - Student Consent Form
           a. Digital Life - Parent and Teacher Intro
           b. Privacy - Parent and Teacher Intro
           c. Connected Culture - Parent and Teacher Intro
           d. Self Expression - Parent and Teacher Intro
           e. Respecting Creative Work - Parent and Teacher Intro

V. Research and Information Literacy
        1. Evaluation
           a. Collective Intelligence - Lessom Plan
           b. Collective Intelligence - Student Handout
           c. Retouching Reality - Lesson Plan
           d. Retouching Reality - Student Handout
           e. Retouching Reality - Student Handout
        2. Searching
           a. Strategic Searching - Lesson Plan
           b. Strategic Searching - Student Handout
           c. Strategic Searching - Student Handout

Middle School

I. Overview 
       1. Table of Contents
       2. Curriculum Overview  
       3. Scope and Sequence     
       4. Alignment with Standards
       5. Implementing the Curriculum
       6. Comunicating with Parents    
       7. Teacher Welcome Letter

II Safety and Security
        1. Safety
        - Safety Overview
        - Safe Online Talk Video
            a. Safe Online Talk Lesson Plan
            b. Safe Online Talk Student Handout
            c. Safe Online Talk Student Handout
            d. Safe Online Talk Teacher Handout
            e. Safe Online Talk Teacher Resource
         2. Security
         - Security Overview
             a. Private and Personal Information - Lesson Plan
             b. Private and Personal Information - Student Handout
             c. Private and Personal Information - Student Handout
             d. Strong Password - Lesson Plan
             e. Strong Password - Student Handout
             f. Strong Password - Student Handout
             g. Internet Privacy - Lesson Plan
             h. Internet Privacy - Student Handout
             i. Parent Material

II. Digital Citizenship
              1. Digital Life
         - Digital Life Introduction
             a. Digital Life - Lesson Plan
             b. Digital Life - Student Quiz
             c. Digital Life Student Handout - Glossary
         2. Privacy and Digital Footprint
         -Privacy Unit Overview
         - Privacy - Parent/Teacher Intro
             a. Trillion Dollar Footprint - Lesson Plan
                  b. Trillion Dollar Footprint - Student Handout
             c. Trillion Dollar Footprint - Student Handout
             d. Privacy - Oops - Lesson Plan
             e. Privacy - Oops - Grade 6 Student Handout
             f.  Secret Sharer - Lesson Plan
             g. Secret Sharer - Student Handout
             h. Secret Sharer - Teacher Handout
             i.  Top Secret - Lesson Plan
             j.  Top Secret - Game
            k.  Top Secret - Student Handout
             l.  Privacy - Parent Tip Sheet

         3. Connected Culture
        - Connected Culture Unit Overview
        - Connected Culture - Chart it - Video
        - Connected Culture - Parent/Teacher Video
             a. Chart it - Lesson Plan
             b. Chart it - Student Handout 
             c. Cyberbullying - Lesson Plan
             d. Ideal Comunity - Lesson Plan
             e. Forms and Norms - Lesson Plan
             f. Forms and Norms - Student Handout
             g  Forms and Norms - Teacher Handout
             h. Connected Culture - Tip Sheet
         4. Self Expression and Identity
         - Self Expression and Identity Unit Overview
         - Self Expression and Indentity Parent/Teacher Intro
         - My Online Self - Video
             a. My Online Self - Lesson Plan
             b. My Online Self - Student Handout
             c. My Online Self - Student Handout
             d. Which Me Should I Be - Lesson Plan
             e. Which Me Should I Be - Student Handout
             f. Self Expression and Identity Tip Sheet
        5. Respecting Creative Work
        - Respecting Creative Work - Unit Overview
        - Respecting Creative Work - Parent/Teacher Intro
        - Henry's Story - Video
        - Nicole's Story - Video
             a. Creator's Rights - Lesson Plan
             b. Creator's Rights - Teacher Resource
             c. Creator's Rights - Student Handout
             d. Creator's Rights - Student Handout
             e. Rework, Reuse, Remix - Lesson Plan

                   f. Rework, Reuse, Remix - Student Handout
             g. Respecting Creative Work - Tip Sheet

IV. Research and Information Literacy
          1. Searching
        - Searching - Unit Overview
              a. Crawling the Web - Lesson Plan
              b. Crawling the Web - Student Handout
              c. Crawling the Web - Student Handout
              d. Keywords - Lesson Plan
              e. Keywords - Student Handout
              f. Key words - Student Handout
              g. Keywords - Tip Sheet
        2. Evaluation
        - Evaluation - Unit Overview
              a. Sticky Sites - Lesson Plan
              b. Sticky Sites - Student Handout
              c. Cite a Site - Lesson Plan
              d. Cite a Site - Student Handout
              e  Cite a Site - Student Handout
              f.  Evaluation Tip Sheet

Elementary School

I. Overview

         1. Table of Contents
         2. Curriculum Overview
         3. Scope and Sequence K - 3
         4. Scope and Sequence 4 - 5
         5. Parent Letter
         6. Student Consent Form
II. Safety and Security
         1. Safety
         - Safety - Unit Overview 
             a. Going Places Safely - Lesson Plan
             b. Going Places Safely - Student Handout
             c. Staying Safe Online - Lesson Plan
             d. Staying Safe Online - Student Handout
             e. Talking Safely Online - Lesson Plan
             f.  Talking Safely Online - Student Handout
             g. Talking Safely Online - Student Handout
             h. Parent Tip Sheet
         - Security - Unit Overview  
             a. Keep it Private - Lesson Plan
             b. Powerful Passwords - Lesson Plan
             c. Powerful Passwords - Student Handout
             d. You've won a Prize - Lesson Plan
             e. You've won a Prize - Student Handout
             f.  Privacy Rules - Lesson Plan
             g. Privacy Rules - Student Handout
             h. Parent Tip Sheet          
III. Digital Citizenship
 1. Digital Life
Digital Life - Unit Overview
Parent/Teacher Intro Video
aSending Email K-1 - Lesson Plan
bSending Email K-1 - Student Handout
c. My Online Community 2-3  - Lesson Plan
 d. My Online Community 2-3 - Student Handout
e. Rings of Responsibility 4-5 - Lesson Plan
 f.  Rings of Responsibility 4-5 - Student Handout
g. Rings of Responsibility 4-5 - Student Handout
h. Parent Tip Sheet  
          - Privacy - Unit Overview
             a. Follow the Digital Trail 2-3 - Lesson Plan
             b. Follow the Digital Trail 2-3 - Student Handout
             c. Parent Tip Sheet
          3. Connected Culture
          - Connected Culture - Unit Overview
          - Parent/Teacher Unit Intro - Video
              a. Screen out the Mean 2-3 - Lesson Plan
              b. Screen out the Mean 2-3 - Student Handout
              c. Power of Words 4-5 - Lesson Plan
              d. Power of Words 4-5 - Student Handout
e. Power of Words 4-5 - Student Handout
              f.  Group Think 4-5 - Lesson Plan
              g. Group Think 4-5 - Student Handout
              h. Group Think 4-5 - Student Handout
               i. Writing Good Emails 4-5 - Lesson Plan
               j. Writing Good Emails 4-5 - Student Handout
               k. Connected Culture Tip Sheet
                l. Cyberbullying Tip Sheet
          4. Respecting Creative Work
          - Respecting Creative Work - Unit Overview
          - Parent/Teacher Intro Video
               a. Who is it anyway 4-5 - Lesson Plan
               b. Who is it anyway 4-5 - Student Handout
               c. Parent Tip Sheet
         IV. Research and Information Literacy
         1. Searching
         -Searching - Unit Overview
             a.ABC Search K-1 - Lesson Plan
             b. ABC Search K-1 - Student Handout
             c. Using Keywords 2-3 - Lesson Plan
             d. Using Key Words 2-3 - Student Handout
             e. Choosing a Search Site 4-5 - Lesson Plan
             f. Choosing a Search Site 4-5 - Student Handout
             g. Choosing a Search Sire 4-5 - Student Handout
             h. Parent Tip Sheet  
          2. Reseach and Evaluation
          - Research and Evaluation - Unit Overview
             a. Sites I Like K-1 - Lesson Plan
             b. Sites I Like K-1 - Student Handout 
             c. Things for Sale 2-3 - Lesson Plan
             d. Things for Sale 2-3 - Student Handout
             e. Right Sites 4-5 - Lesson Plan
              f. Right Sites 4-5 - Student Handout
             g. Rating Sites 4-5 - Lesson Plan
             h. Rating Sites 4-5 - Student Handout
              i.  Ad Dectectives 4-5 - Lesson Plan
              j. Ad Dectectives 4-5 - Student Handout
              k. Parent Tip Sheet
V. Assessment
       1. Pre- Post Survey
              a. K-3 Student Survey
              b. K-3 Teacher Survey
              c. 4-5 Student Survey
              d. 4-5 Teacher Survey