Bullying Information

Bullying Information 

"Take a stand, lend a hand."

On May 10, 2010 the School Committee of the Oxford Public Schools approved a new policy on bullying.  Click here to view the policy.

The Anti Bullying Task Force was formed in early Fall 2010. This committee was supported by the Oxford School Committee and has been a true collaboration of community and school.  

Administrators, teachers, parents, school counselors, law enforcement and students discussed openly the meaning of bullying, cyber-bullying, acts of aggression, what is a bystander and how do we unite to bring an end to this cycle of behavior. Click here to view a list of members.

A District wide survey gave the committee information which was discussed and has been made public, please review the results below. The survey results presented the members with a great deal of information we would not have appreciated without it. 

Faculty & Staff: Survey   -   Results
Parent/Guardian: Survey   -   Results
Students Grades 3-4: Survey   -   Results
Students Grades 5-8: Survey   -   Results
Students Grades 9-12: Survey   -   Results

Many of our discussions led back to education and the significance of bringing curriculum into the classrooms which will address the cause and effects of acts of aggression, the call for understanding, resolution and the halt of intolerable behavior.
The Plan was created with reference to the Model Bullying and Intervention Plan distributed to school communities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Click the links to view the plan and the incident report form

We as a Task Force are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on this project together.