Instructor: Ms. Murphy-Dow   

This page will give an overview of what the students have studied and will be focusing on this year. Students will develop a solid understanding of the processess of life.
Students will study life through cell biology and genetics (molecular level), vertebrate anatomy and physiology (tissue and organ levels), and ecology (organism and population levels). The learning standards for Biology at the high school level fall under the follwoing six subtopics: The Chemistry of Life; Cell Biology; Genetics; Anatomy and Physiology; Evolution and Biodiversity; and Ecology.

Our Focus
Chemical Interactions

Basic Chemistry-Chemistry is all around you, in everything you touch, see and breathe. Chemistry is defined in the text as the study of matter, but more specifically, it studies how atoms of elements combine and rearrange themselves. Chemistry is important to biology because living things use these elements for sustenance and life processes.

The students are learning about matter, the states of matter, matter composition, and ultimately chemical vs. physical changes in matter.
Classroom Files
 Additional Science work
Students enjoy reading the Science World magazines to get the latest cutting edge news. Each issue includes an interactive digital edition as well as lesson plans and additional skill sheets. Each article and activity sheets help the students meet both the science standards as well as the Common Core State Standards.
 Classroom Rules
This folder contains documents pertaining to student behavior, classroom rules and discipline

Going Apes Over Apps
This multimedia site has more information about how touch screens are being used with orangutans.
Making Healthy Food Choices
a great website to explore addressing many nutritional topics.
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Teens Health
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